New Home Owners

We put your message in front of new home owners who are looking to personalize their house to make it their home. They need to buy immediately the following types of services and have money to spend:

– Lawn care
– Landscaping
– Pest control services
– Flooring and installation
– Painting
– Interior decorating and design services
– kitchen & Bath remodel
– Bathtub glazing
– Mattresses
– Furniture
– Home Electronics
– Appliances
– Doctors
– Dental care and dentists
– Auto repair services
– Insurance agents
– Restaurants to try
– Attractions
-and many more services

New Business Owner

We help you put your message in front of the owner of new business start ups. These companies are looking for outsourcing help with:
– Prototyping and concept development
– Telephone systems
– Insurance policies for the company
– Collateral and stationary
– Legal consulting services
– Manufacturing low volume
– Information technology hardware/software
– Web design and ecommerce solutions
– Payroll and employee benefit services
– Location related build out and fixtures
and so much more

Preferred Supplier

We help you target decision makers at the following mix of markets and companies:

– Insurance Agents
– Claims Adjuster
– General Contractors
– Skilled trade
– Architectural Firms
– Interior Designers
– Apartment Owners
– Resort Owner
– Hotel Owners
= Bed and Breakfast Owners
– Brokers and agents
– Property Managers
– HOA Boards
– Doctor offices
– Dentist offices
and many more options.

Custom Mailings

We help you target residential or commercial groups with a customized campaign to:
– Dwelling Type
– Homeowner Status (Own/Rent Indicators)
– Length of Residence
– Estimated Home Value (ECHV)
– Household Income
– Household Composition
– Person Age (min/max or both)
– Birthdays this Month
– Person Type (primary, elderly parent, young adult, etc.)
– Education Level
– Gender
– Occupation
– Ethnicity
– Marital Status
– Children (and ages)
– Political Preferences
– Purchasing Behaviors
– Donor/Charitable Contributions
– Wealth/Net Worth Model
– Purchase Amount Ranges
– Year Home Built
– Lifestyle Interests
– Annual sales volume
– Business Industry
– Executive Titles
– Credit Ratings
– Number of Employees
and so many more ways

Have fun!