Fun Places To See & Things To Do!


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Why Fun Places & Things In-Home Guide For Your Marketing Efforts?

Your ads is seen by thousands of fresh, new home buyers each and every month and over 35,000 every year.  As a source of Fun things to do, our print edition is kept by homeowners as a reference tool for months.


Every day your competitors are using direct mail coupled with digital marketing to gain new customers. Direct mail is also very effective when used properly and provide certain benefits to an advertiser.   These benefits include:

  • Direct Mail is highly targeted to a specific audience
  • Direct Mail can be customized with their name and other details
  • Direct Mail is tangible and is put right in the hands of the reader.
    Direct Mail is familiar to the reader
  • Direct Mail is versatile and can be used in various shapes, sizes,& colors
  • Direct Mail is measurable and can track results
  • Direct Mail is cost effective when done right
  • Direct Mail is used to support other marketing efforts
  • Direct Mail has a proven track record of success when done right

When you strategically use direct mail in combination with digital marketing, you can drive more traffic to your business than just digital marketing alone.   Did you know according to Google Analytics and other sources that….

  • reaches more 18-49 year old than any single broadcast or TV channel
  • That 89% of searches are derived from direct incremental clicks, which is paid advertising leading them to your website
  • More than 1/2 of the trillion searches performed on Google each year is from a mobile phone or tablet
  • After receiving direct mail from a brand their interested, more than 44% will visit the brand’s website and 34% will conduct an online search
  • 62% of Americans still enjoy checking their mailbox daily for mail
  • 72% of Americans prefer direct mail as their favority form of communication
  • Direct mail is sticky, over 25% of recipients will keep a piece of direct mail in a brand their interested for future reference

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