Local Adventure Guide


Nothing else like this available to advertisers today

With our Fun Places & Things Local Adventure Guide, we put your message in front of thousands of new home owners each month.  These people are looking for new places to try and things to do. 

Our handy local Adventure Guides direct buyers to hundreds of local places and drive them to our website with more than a six (6) thousands of places to go and hundreds of local events and things to do.  We provide more than 200 different categories to choose from.  They will hang onto our pocket guides for quite a while, where your ad will be displayed.

Why Should New Home Owners Be Part of Your Marketing Strategies?
Statistics show that new homeowners want to personalize their new home purchase within the first 6 months

  • They have disposable income ready to spend on their new home
  • Good credit rating, thus making it easy to finance their new purchases
  • New to the area and do not have existing relationships with your competitors,  so no loyalties established yet
  • New Homeowners will spend approximately five (5) times more money than current residents

Advertising in our Local Adventure Guide will ensure your company is placed in front of thousands of new home buyers every month.  Each month we mail to a new list of residences who have moved into their home within the last month or so.

How our Local Adventure Guides helps your reach more customers:

  • Maximized mailing designed around our advertising service areas.  Example, if your company only services Orange, Osceola and Seminole counties you can mail to just these three counties and no where else.   Thus improving your response with a higher local saturation.
  • Not a coupon book.   Our adventure guide is the focus not giving away your valuable services.  Fun Places and Things is helping them find and explore their new community.  All the while, your name is with them every time they use their guide.
  • Shared cost of the publication reduces your advertising cost to reach new homeowners every month.   To mail each household with your own postcards, just printing and postage alone can start from $0.57 per piece for a postcard, with our Local Adventure Guides you can reach the same audience, for less than a $0.25 (a quarter) every month.
  • Our Local Adventure Guides becomes a reference source for local activities, events and things to do.

If you would like to be included in our next publication, please call us at 386.259.0622 or email   We look forward to working with you to increase your sales.