Agency partnerships and affiliate marketing program

Agency partnerships

Focus Enterprises, Inc. (FEi) works with agencies and organizations across the globe:

  • Marketing
  • SEO
  • Social media
  • Creative
  • Professional and entrepreneurial organizations
  • Yes… lots of PR agencies.

We have no competition because we believe in collaboration at every opportunity.


How does it work?

Simple. You can provide any of our services to your clients. Would you like to expand your agency to offer access to new homeowners and commercial buyers at a very low cost? We’ll do the hard work. You get the credit. We can work white-label or through a trusted partnership.


What do I get?

As partners, the client knows that your team and our team work very well together. You are welcome to charge whatever you like for our services. We find that collecting an additional 20% liaison / API fee is completely acceptable. This premium will allow us both to spend extra time on behalf of your client. Your team and our team will regularly meet to discuss strategy that will improve the success of your client. We can collect the monthly rate – or you can. Your choice. We’ll settle the difference anytime you like.

We’ve designed our services to be VERY sticky. People love the ongoing results they regularly see with their Focus Enterprises, Inc. (FEi) services. So many deliverables keep clients happy.  ?  Review everything we deliver to see what we provide on a monthly, weekly, and even daily basis. They will get many reminders of the great work you are doing on their behalf. Either you can get credit – or they can continue to wander around on their own when it comes to growing their influence. Let’s raise their influence together!


What else do I get?

We promote you through our professional services marketplace. We don’t do what you do – but we want to send people your way. I hope you won’t mind.  ?

Sounds good. Let’s chat about this!

We love collaborators. Let’s chat. Grab 30 min and let’s figure out how to help one another.


If you communicate to an entrepreneurial audience, we’d love to pay you!

Our Focus Enterprises, Inc. (FEi) membership solves a MAJOR need for entrepreneurs and startups who aren’t quite ready to pay $5000 to $20000 a month to hire a strategic marketing firm. We help our members gain influence and authority – which translates into more traffic, engagement, and sales.


Let’s partner

I can help you monetize your podcast or blog with a joint venture affiliate program with a proven track record.

Podcasters: If you’d like to book me as a guest, I’ll over-deliver on content. My current consulting rate is $400/hr. and I’ll give every bit of value I offer to my own clients to your audience via interview. I’ll hold nothing back. We’re very much part of the go-giver movement – which means always serving audiences and giving away our best stuff. Check out my press kit and the podcasts I’ve appeared on so far.

If we conduct an audio or video interview at some point in the discussion, I’m sure the subject of Focus Enterprises, Inc. (FEi).com will come up. Your audience invited to watch my $1200 video ecourse for free – or be invited to attend a webinar that will teach the step-by-step process for how to get on the news. They are each exceptionally valuable (dare I say, life-changing) and most smart entrepreneurs will fill several pages of notes based on what I share. I condense 25+ years of experience into the most critical information entrepreneurs need to know to succeed in this digital era of media mastery.

The next offer we can make as podcast sponsors is perhaps as part of a joint venture via webinar is our Focus Enterprises, Inc. (FEi) membership.  This offer is the biggest no-brainer in the world of public relations (or Internet marketing) – and is why Focus Enterprises, Inc. (FEi).com is disrupting how PR is done for entrepreneurs.

Your commissions:


The numbers:

Approximately 50% of all webinar attendees schedule a 15-min discovery call with us.

Better than 50% of all discovery call folks buy an intensive @ $1499 (current pricing).

That means an average of 25% of everyone you can get on a webinar should result in a $375 commission.


These are one-time commissions – not recurring. We’re honored to work with you and create a very profitable podcast sponsors campaign with you.

We want to pay you lots of money this year while we serve your audience – helping make their businesses thrive. Affiliate cookies are set to a full year – and we always pay on the first click. We want to have a long, fruitful relationship with you and look forward to being of service in any way we can in support of your own business.

Payout happens monthly @ $100 minimum. Payments are made via PayPal – make sure we have that below. You will be paid after the member has completed their first month — around the 5th. e.g. June 20th sale = Aug 5th payment.