FUN PLACES TO GO & THINGS TO DO DIRECTORY CONTENT Consumer will find stuff to do with their families in area that is new to them Your ad will be seen several times by the same family when they use the directory
FULL COLOR-BLEED, GLOSSY STOCK PAPER Consumers will perceive the quality of the directory by the images, feel of the paper and magazine format Will associate your brand with quality publication
NOT A COUPON BOOK AND NOT NEWSPRINT Consumers will find the directory useful not considering it to be junk mail and throw it away Means your ad will be viewed several times as they use the directory
ONE COMPANY PER BUSINESS CATEGORY Consumers will not be overwhelmed with too many choices and who to call. You will have your name in front of 3,000 new homes each month and your competitor will not be in the same magazine
SCREENED MAILING LIST Our mailing list is scrubbed to ensure we reach new movers in each area that meet our criteria You will have access to 3,000 homes that will need services like yours soon
WELCOME MESSAGE Consumers who are new to the area are looking for quality companies to provide them a service, a quality fun directory while enhance their perceptions Your not pushing them to buy a limited time special, instead your welcoming them to the area with a promotion. 
PURSE SIZE BOOKLET Consumers will receive a pocket guide that they can put in their purse or car to carry with them The more convenient the directory is use, the more they use it means more views for your ad
LESS THAN $0.25 PER HOUSEHOLD Consumers will think you spend a lot of money to reach them Helps you achieve a faster ROI on your money