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Butterfly hunting

Ideas are like that. The successful editor, curator or entrepreneur doesn’t go hunting ideas to kill them, but to celebrate them, identify them and dance with them. And a brutal, all-out frontal attack won’t work. It’s not about raising a ton of money or insisting that the world supply you…

How Direct Mail Can Cut Through the Pandemic Marketing Clutter (And How to Obtain Those Valuable Home Addresses)

It’s time to check your mailbox, not your inbox. The pandemic has upended traditional marketing–and, with it, the usual marketing channels. Here’s how to find and use your prospects’ home addresses to stick out from the competition with direct mail. Read the full article at MarketingProfs

Marry Brand and Demand to Unleash the Full Power of Personalization in ABM

Technology has made account-based marketing more feasible than ever, but you can’t get by on tech alone. Here’s how to combine the emotional side of brand-building with the personalization of demand gen to create marketing messages that will truly resonate. Read the full article at MarketingProfs