AD Checklist


Please inspect your advertisement prior to sending us an electronic file for the following most common mistakes.   It will ensure that your happy with the final results and confident the Ad will be successful.



____ Business name included
____ Logo and slogan
____ Address correct
____ telephone correct
____ email correct
____ website correct
____ Social media links correct


____ Spelling checked
____ Read out loud, does it make sense?
____ Text easy to read
____ Is there too much text
____ To many different font styles
____ Headline catch your eye
____ Subject matter appropriate for New Home Owners


____ Good quality images
____ High resolution for print
____ Did you print a copy to see if blurry image
____ Image represent message
____ Image appropriate for your business brand
____ Conflict with text and layout
____ 300 dots per inch


____ Content fit in the ad space specifications selected
____ What orientation best shows your layout
____ Text flow cleanly in this ad shape
____ Are you full bleed
____ Ad require an outside edge border
____ Header too big on page
____ Image size to space in perspective


____ What type of campaign will maximize returns
____ What percentage of readers are your customers
____ What incentives for quick response do you offer
____ Is this a seasonal ad
____ Is this a short term promotion or long term goal
____ What is an acceptable number of responses
____ Does your ad promote your goal


____ What is happening locally at time they receive ad
____ Do I have the manpower to support the calls
____ Is there a holiday coming up or seasonal theme?
____ Does this ad align with your current offers
____ Does this ad align with current customer’s needs
____ How many times will you run this ad
____ What will you do to follow up on ad


____ How will excite a new home owner to call
____ What is my intended message
____ Is it too wordy and run on
____ Is it stated clearly
____ Does it express your personal viewpoints
____  Simplified so not to confuse bi-lingual citizens
____  Will you add a second language into ad

These are just a few questions to ask your self during your creative process and to check off before your release your ad to print.

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